sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2008

Getting MP3 for Free!

Getting MP3 for free is not an easy task! Some years ago it was easy to get MP3 for free on the web since there were many services and websites that allow downloading MP3 for free.
Nowadays things get thougher... Downloading legal MP3 for free is not easy and one needs to be carefull not to infringe any copyright laws!
YOu can use some software to download MP3 for free but take in consideration that some might be ilegal. Try Napster, eMule or Limewire and hopefully you will be lucky!

What is MP3 for Free Blog?

Hi there, welcome to MP3 for Free blog!

This blog aims to talk about the story of MP3 and discuss how to legally access lybraries for free.

We respect copyrights property so we do not advice getting illegal MP3. So beware were do you get your MP3 for free!...